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What information
do we collect?

Name & Birthday

We need your full legal name and Date of Birth to verify your identity.


If you are 18 years or above, we will require your full Social Security Number (SSN). This is a federal requirement in order to open a bank account either for yourself or if you wish to sponsor a teen’s bank account.

Physical Address

To verify your identity we will need your full residential address. P.O Boxes or Commercial addresses are not accepted. You can get The StoreCash Mastercard® Debit Card shipped to this address or a different one.

Phone & Email

A valid phone number and email address will be needed in order to open a StoreCash account. You will need to verify your phone and email ID using the One Time Passcode (OTP) you will receive.

Let’s talk Security

Keep your account safe

MasterCard’s Zero Liability Protection

All The StoreCash Mastercard® Debit Card transactions are protected by MasterCard’s Zero Liability Protection. You are never responsible for fraudulent charges.

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