making gifting fun, easy & social


Giftomize is a gifting hub.

The first social gifting app that allows your friends to send you physical gifts without needing your address and instant e-gift cards for any item from any retailer.

Sending a gift is as easy as sending a text. 

Physical Gifts - Delivered to your door

Physical Gifts.png

Hundreds of e-gift cards. Millions of gifting options.

E-gift cards- Sent instantly to your phone

The possibilities are endless!


Send gifts easily 

1. Choose a gift

Instant Gifts - Step 01.png
Physical Gifts - Step 01.png

2. Select their profile

3. Send & we handle the rest

E-gift cards: instantly emailed to the recipient 

Physical gifts: delivered without needing their address

Get gifts you want

1. Choose a gift card

2. Share it on your wishlist

3. Wait for your friends to buy it

Instant Gifts - Step 01.png
Instant Gifts - Step 01.png

E-gift card is sent right to your phone!

Group Gifting

Send group invitations and gifts without the hassle of collecting addresses

1. Choose a gift

2. Select a group

3. Send & we handle the rest

  • Wedding invitations

  • Save the dates

  • Thank you gifts

  • Baby announcements

  • Business events

Check out our demo videos

Millions of gifting options!


Choose a gift card for any item

from hundreds of retailers!

Buy the right gift!


Know exactly what your friend wants by checking out their Giftomize wish list

Accept or reject gifts

We won't tell you the gift

(that's a surprise) 

but we give you a chance to update your address, choose where you want it sen

Get notified when gifted!


Accept or reject a gift, update your address, or even have physical gifts sent to your job!




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